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Special Offer

Earn up to £350 Cash back or incentive to refer a landlord* *subject to terms and conditions

Guaranteed Rent

We offer a rent guarenteed scheme, ranging from one to five years.


We offer many services for anyone who is looking to let their property.
Let Only
This service is our basic service we advertise your property through our portals and mediums and we carry out all referancing for all tenants once this is complete we will, check in the client and check out the client. All this at a very competative rate of only 2 weeks rent.
Let & Rent Collection
Our Rent collection service takes out the unnesscery stress of having to chase up late payments. we collect your rent for your property from the tenants and have them in your account on the agreed date, keeping the tenancy simple for you. This service is carried out at just 8% a very competative rate in this market.
Fully Managed
Full management is the most sought after service in the property lettings industry as a growing number of Landlords look not only for the best rates they can achieve but also the service provieded by the management team. Our management and maintenance team work very closely to maximise time and performance efficiancy keeping the tenants as well as the landlords happy. We carry the burden with our out of office number the tenant never needs to disturb you wether you are sleeping or playing golf in Dubai. This whole service is carried out at a charge of 10%.


We provide 2 sales services

No Sale No Fee
we charge a percentage fee to advertise and show your property and like it says on the tin no sale no fee.

Fixed Fee
£599 fixed fee sale, we advertise your property on our website and various other portals we use for a maximum of 6 months. The package includes propfessional images and provide a floor plan


This is our premium service we provide the Landlord with peace of mind, all you do is hand us the property and we will make sure your rent arrives on time every month. We also take care of all maintenace issue via our in house maintenance team, keeping your cost down as well as being able to offer a prompt and easily accesible out of ours team.


There is always that same problem whem somethings not working who do you call? Well look no further, we have on standby many qualified professionals from Locksmiths to Plumbers who we work with closely so not only will you benefit from discounted rates you will have a whole directory on standby all you do is call our 24/7 maintenance team. (contact details can be found in your tenancy agreement)

Guaranteed Rent

The Guaranteed Rent Scheme has proven to be the most popular with majority of landlords as this is the best for hassle free renting. Benefits:
- Lease your property from 1 year to 5 years.
- Guaranteed rent from the day your contracts starts.
- No Void Period, get paid even when your property is empty.
- No Management Fees.
- No Bills, Council Tax or Water rates to pay.
- No Damages to worry about as we cover it.
- Your property is returned in its original state. (Subject to terms and conditions).
- Rent is paid on time each month as stated in you contract. For further information or to book an appraisal please contact our office on 02085552422